21 Day Story is a human-first, technology-enabled platform
to help organizations solve big problems in 21 day sprints.

We help leaders and teams reduce complexity
resulting in happier and more productive days.


Missed handoffs that cost time, money and momentum.

21 Day Story helps by:

Breaking through organizational silos and other barriers to collaboration.


Misalignment within the organization and a status-quo approach to problem solving.

21 Day Story helps by:

Empowerment of people within the organization to foster a deeper understanding of strategy and goals, and improved critical thinking and creativity in problem solving.


Inaction or conflicting actions produce a negative downstream ripple effect.

21 Day Story helps by:

Increased transparency and collaboration across the organization across the hall and across the world enabling teams to co-create solutions to problems at the segment and organizational level.


The hidden costs and ineffectiveness of poor communication practices eat into revenue and limit growth.

21 Day Story helps by:

Improved business agility that increases ability to adapt to or lead change.

How can you perform at the tempo of change?

You’ve got a company to run. Customers to engage. Employees to motivate. Markets to make. And on top of it all, the quickening winds of technology, data and competition are sending waves of change at you like it’s the north shore on O’ahu.

How can you ride these waves of change instead of getting swamped by them?  How can you give your people the agility and ability to recognize the waves earlier? Prepare for them better? Navigate them more skillfully when they arrive?

How does the change that overwhelms other companies become an opportunity for you and yours?

21 Day Story is the How

21 Day Story empowers people to build stories with a scalable, lightweight, cloud-based technology, and in the process, solve significant business problems. Your employees and customers will see themselves as co-creators of a living story that responds instantly to emerging conditions.

The How is the Wow

By empowering teams to produce actionable outcomes in 21 days, organizations can reduce complexity and dramatically improve business performance in areas such as cross-functional communication, employee and customer engagement, organizational health, and operational effectiveness.

Why Stories Matter

Stories are how people make sense of the world. They are how we orient to new situations, interpret data, connect with one another, and respond to unexpected opportunities and challenges. They are an ideal framework for solving any kind of problem because the resolution to a story is, literally, a problem solved.

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